Ploppy Pairs, the family-friendly casual puzzler, receives an update full of new content to tackle

Ploppy Pairs, the family-friendly casual puzzler, receives an update full of new content to tackle

The child and visually-impaired-friendly casual multiplayer game Ploppy Pairs is set to receive a new update that brings a ton of new content courtesy of developer Michael Temper. This new content includes 24 new levels, 36 cute characters, and even music that was composed by a blind musician.

Ploppy Pairs, in case you aren’t familiar, is a simplistic but wonderful little addition to the App Store. It’s got some adorable vibes with a cutesy art style and features the classic puzzle gameplay of matching cards together by memorizing their location within the level. You tap a card, a character is revealed, and then you tap another card. If those two match, they’ll stay face-up, with the goal of getting all cards face-up, of course.

This is nothing too new in terms of puzzle gameplay, but where Ploppy Pairs shines is within that accessibility. This is a game made with not only children in mind but also features a wonderful voice-over feature that allows visually impaired players to enjoy it too!

And now, with this new update, there’s a brand new world of 24 levels to tackle too! Add in those 36 additional characters, and this evens out to a solid 54 different pieces of content to take part in, with 9 different themes too. That’s a huge array of stuff that is sure to delight fans of the game, and with it recently going free-to-start, you can try out the first six levels for free too!

This game really is a special sort of project, and it’s always great to see mobile titles reach out to audiences that might typically get neglected when it comes to gaming. If you’re looking for one to try out with the kids, friends, or just about anyone else who needs a nice casual puzzler to dig into, you can try out Ploppy Pairs for free at the link below!

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