Plants vs Zombies blossoms on Samsung's bada


Plants vs Zombies blossoms on Samsung's bada
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[Editor's note: This story originally stated that Plants vs Zombies costs £8. It doesn't - it costs £3.]

PopCap’s superbly deranged take on the tower defence genre Plants vs Zombies has finally made its move onto the Samsung bada platform, having already planted its roots on everything from PC to iOS.

Plants vs Zombies tasks you with defending your house from hordes of the living dead, utilising the power of plants and funghi to ensure such evil denizens as the Zombie Bobsleigh team can’t reach your fresh, fresh brains.

The original release managed to snap up a Pocket Gamer Gold Award from the seed tray before shambling back into the night, so needless to say it comes highly recommended.

Strangely, the bada version’s description talks of 25 iPhone-exclusive achievements, which is either just a misprint or some kind of cruel joke on Samsung Wave owners who’ve waited this long for the game to be ported across.

Nevertheless, Plants vs Zombies for bada is out now on Samsung Apps, priced at a plant-watering £3.00.

[Update: Popcap has now updated the bada description to reflect the game's contents, so you should expect 50 levels, 49 perinnials, and 13 achievements amid all the zombie slaughter]

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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