The best of the App Store's Valentine's Day updates

Love is in the air... or something

The best of the App Store's Valentine's Day updates

Valentine's Day fans! We wouldn't expect you to go scouring the App Store in search of game updates that best let you release that love you have for the holiday now, would we?

Of course not.

As ever, Pocket Gamer has you covered. We went through every update we could find to bring you this list of the very best Valentine's Day updates for your favourite games.

Now, where's OUR Valentine's Day card?

Puppet Punch
By Kedoo

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I imagine punching something to impress a girl only ever works in a game. Puppet Punch is that game.

Pablo's gone and got himself a girlfriend, Amy, and it's up to you to charm her with gifts which you can tweet to increase their popularity.

Rounding out this bizarre Valentine's update is a new costume, heart blast, and aura.

Plants vs. Zombies 2
By PopCap

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Zombie Cupid has made an effort to make his undead troops a little more appealing this Valentine's Day.

They're now dressed in adorable costumes and drop rose petals with each shamblling step.

The plants are having none of it, though, and are just as ruthless in their attempts to end the fake lives of their greatest nemesis. How romantic.

Lionheart Tactics
By Kongregate

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They say that love isn't easy and the developer of Lionheart Tactics agrees, apparently, after naming the Valentine's Day in-game event 'Love's Challenge'.

You're also getting two new characters that are both lovers and fighters.

The Rose Princess is a support character who relies on the power of love to help her allies. Probably.

The other is The Suave Halberdier, who is no different from the regular halberdier, aside from being suave.

Despicable Me Minion Rush
By Gameloft

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Despicable Me Minion Rush seems to get an update no matter the occasion and Valentine's Day is no exception.

There's a new area, Minion Park, and a new quest helping Dr. Nefario organise a wedding party for Lucy and Gru.

A Cupid minion costume and new skateboard mini game pad out an already hefty update.

Trials Frontier
By Ubisoft

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Ubisoft has taken the phrase 'have a crush on' a little too literally in this update which is all about crushing your opponents.

The Terracotta Rider is your new opponent and there are over 40 new tracks in the quest line that leads to him most likely getting crushed.

New customisation options include a "heartbreaker" paint job complete with bubbly heart exhaust and a Cornelius the Squirrel outfit.

Iron Desert

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Apparently all's fair in love and war and considering that Iron Desert now contains both of these things we'll have to let them off for totally skimping out with the Valentine's Day update.

There's a new loading screen and holiday decor. That's it.

Well, that, the ability to share troops with allies, an upgraded UI for replays, and a new PvE zone but none of that has anything to do with Valentine's Day!

Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff
By TinyCo, Inc.

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Valentine's Day is either a holiday to be enjoyed or scorned in the Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff holiday update.

It turns out that the citizens of Quahog are in some kind of love trance and it's up to Peter Griffin himself to resolve this 'issue'.

You can either help citizens find love by matching them with their perfect partner, or scar them for life by sending them on the date from hell.

Either way, the meter will go up or down based on your actions. Hit sky-high or rock-bottom and you'll win prizes.

Dead Trigger 2

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N'awww, look at all the cute zombies going on zombie dates and dishing out presents to each other.

It's up to you to put a stop to that nonsense.

And, in typical Dead Trigger 2 fashion, you do that by firing an arsenal of weaponry into their undead faces.

What are you most enjoying about the Valentine's Day updates? Has something awesome gone completely under our rader? Let us know in the comments below!
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