Upcoming Plague, Inc. update lets you take on the Black Plague and Swine Flu

Bieber Fever is, thankfully, not mentioned

Upcoming Plague, Inc. update lets you take on the Black Plague and Swine Flu
| Plague Inc.

With flu season right around the corner, it seems a fitting time for Ndemic Creations to roll out another massive content update for Plague, Inc.

The Gold Award-winning plague simulator will see an update this November that introduces not one, or even twelve, but fifteen new and deadly worst case scenarios for you to unleash upon the world.

Touch Arcade reports that these new scenarios will let you employ everything from Swine Flu to the Black Plague with a few less traditional options like "Shut down everything" and the Volcanic Ash thrown in for good measure.

Two of the new plague scenarios will be included free with the 1.7 update, and additional scenarios will cost 99c/69p.

If you'd like to experience all the horror and CDC-approved goodness but don't fancy spending $13.00 on the balance, the good news here is that you can pick up a "season pass" of sorts for $2.99 / £1.99 that includes all of these scenarios and all future content released down the line.

In our review of Plague, Inc., we said that "Those looking for a smart, deliciously demented antidote to traditional strategy gaming, however, will want it to contract this infectiously entertaining title immediately." even if the idea of wiping out the entire world’s population might turn off a few more sensitive gamers.

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