[Update] Plague Inc. wants to see how quickly you can kill the world in its massive update

Speed runs, official CDC content, and more

[Update] Plague Inc. wants to see how quickly you can kill the world in its massive update
| Plague Inc.

[Update: We've been told that version 1.6 is currently only available for iOS. The Android release is being ported over and will be released "as soon as possible".] Plague Inc. is ready to set your germophobia on edge all over again with a massive and free update.

The Gold Award-winning disease simulator received its first major update since February's introduction of the Necroa Virus, and the new version (1.6) introduces two new features for players to enjoy: Speed Runs and official CDC Content.

Speed runs challenges players to "kill the world" as quickly as possible by spreading infections far, wide, and fast.

But in addition to giving you bragging rights against your friends, Speed Runs also challenge players to adapt their strategies to humanity's resilience as Ndemic promises that players will need to explore "radically different strategies" in order to succeed.

Paging Patient Zero

The CDC content introduces a new story arc where the Center for Disease Control tracks down the first infected patient (Patient Zero) as the government agency attempts to deal with the deadly outbreak.

Additionally, the CDC content adds flavour to the already excellent Plague Inc. by including official CDC news headlines in the game.

Other new features introduced in the 1.6 update include the rebalancing of the NAZG achievement, scads of new events and achievements for players to enjoy, and performance improvements for all devices.

If you want to try your hand at ending the world, you can download Plague Inc. for Android or iOS.

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