Pitch 'N' Toss lofts onto iPad

Hit the wall

Pitch 'N' Toss lofts onto iPad
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Dating back the the early 1800s, pitch and toss is a game in which players throw coins at a mark - usually a wall - with the player landing closest to the mark winning all of the coins.

Billed as Pitch 'N' Toss for the 21st Century, this iPad incarnation features a range of obstacles and objects including bounce pads, cannons, flippers and laser force fields, that can either aid or hinder your throws. If you use them properly you'll gain additional Style Points.

Going for gold

There are 40 levels - ten for each of the four themes - which you have to unlock by gaining bronze, silver and gold medals.

In addition to the three coin solo mode, there's also the VS mode, allowing up to four players to go head-to-head on the specially designed Challenge levels.

In this, players start with five coins each and can steal coins from other losing players at the end of the stage, resulting a knockout scenario.

Currently available for iPad only, priced £2.99, €3.99, $4.99, there will also be a free Lite version of Pitch 'N' Toss, which will contain the first five levels.