FDG fires both barrels with 300 levels of Physics Gamebox

Get Roly-Poly Cannon and Ragdoll Cannon for 99c now

FDG fires both barrels with 300 levels of Physics Gamebox
| Physics Gamebox

Physics games have been a hit on the App Store ever since it launched, and FDG Entertainment is gunning for a double iPhone hit with Physics Gamebox.

It contains two similar but separate experiences: Roly-Poly Cannon and Ragdoll Cannon.

Roly-Poly Cannon is like Angry Birds or Fragger, but hands you control of a big gun, which you have to aim to fire grenades and destroy the Roly-Poly bugs who have invaded your turf.

Ragdoll Cannon is self explanatory in that you get to fire ragdolls from your sketchy cannon to solve puzzles.

It's the iPhone version of what FDG calls the original Ragdoll Cannon game from Russian Flash developer Johnny-K productions.

There are a massive 300 levels in total, and the game uses OpenFeint for achievements and social networking.

Physics Gamebox is out now for iPhone, at a 60 per cent off introductory price of 99c, €0.79, or 59p

You can see how Roly-Poly Cannon fires in the following video.

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