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Phobies: 3 of the creepiest maps and why they scare the living daylights out of us

Phobies: 3 of the creepiest maps and why they scare the living daylights out of us
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Our deepest, darkest fears can manifest themselves through any number of things, whether it's the sound of the school bell thrusting you into the first day of classes or the desperation in the air that chokes you as you rush to meet a deadline for your hellish boss. While real-life fears may not be as colourful as we'd like them to be, Phobies certainly does the job for us by manifesting them into cute little critters you can pit against each other in turn-based battles.

To make sure that we beat those fears into submission properly, the game also paints vivid maps inspired by IRL experiences that have made (and still make) your hair stand on end. These are just some of the most awesome ones that Smoking Gun Interactive is fearlessly flaunting.

Too cool for school

While going to school should bring back fond memories of hanging out with friends at the cafeteria or falling in love for the first time at a school dance, this classic setting also harkens back to the hallowed halls of horror and shame. How many hours have you spent counting down the minutes until the bell rings, with the looming hands of the clock seemingly stuck in time and keeping you in a horrific time-loop forever? What about the menacing clicking and clacking of heels from your Teacher of Doom as she hobbles down the hallway to seal your fate?

The "School" map also brings back memories of malevolent whispers behind your back and the unbearable pressure of the perfect score. If you've ever woken up in a cold sweat thinking you failed an exam, missed a deadline, and ruined your future, Phobies' school map should be right up your alley when it comes to facing your fears.

There's no place like home

If school isn't a sacred sanctuary of learning for you, you might think that staying home should keep all the horrors at bay - but with Phobies' "Bedroom" map, safety is anywhere but here. Have you ever had to curl up on the edge of your bed - your eyes darting back and forth in the pitch-black darkness and your heart thundering in your ears - as you stay up worrying about the things that go bump in the night? What about that unholy creaking outside your window, the eyes that follow you as you toss and turn in bed, or the shadows on your wall that never seem to disappear?

Phobies' "Cellar/Attic" map, on the other hand, brings a different kind of overpowering anxiety as you never seem to know what's lurking in the shadows. Is there something slumbering in the dark and dusty corners of the basement, an ancient curse, a restless spectre, or an unholy relic that will unleash unspeakable horrors onto this world when stumbled upon?

Sinister smiles and carnival clowns

It doesn't matter how young or old you are - there will always be something about clowns and carnivals that will scare the living daylights out of you. Whether it's the creepy makeup or the permanent smiles plastered on their faces, clowns have a way of getting under our skin and haunting our waking hours wherever we go. Add that to the fact that carnivals almost always have weirdly childlike music playing in the background to lull you into a false sense of security, and Phobies' "Carnival of Fears" map is sure to bring some disturbing entertainment - especially this Halloween season.

If you're eager to beat those fears to a pulp and conquer your own phobias, you can download Phobies for free on the iOS App Store, the Google Play Store, and Steam today!

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