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Top Phobies to dress up as for your Halloween cosplay

Top Phobies to dress up as for your Halloween cosplay
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As the originator of the concept of cosplay, the tradition of dressing up for Halloween holds a special place in the hearts of us gamers. Especially because "scary" can be extremely subjective, which gives us all the creative liberties we need to dress up as our favourite gaming heroes. For mobile fans however, the options aren’t quite as limitless - a faultless drawback of being later to the party than the competition - so as a salute to handheld gaming, here are some cosplay suggestions based on a mobile game with a near-limitless imagination for all things macabre and wonderful - Phobies.

The classics

Vampires and werewolf - 'nuff said. Halloween thrills won't be complete without these transforming denizens of the nightly macabre, and dressing up as Phobies' Werewolf is as classic as it can get. Don your fangs, claws and ferocious fur and embody this Ultra Rare Monster type and prowl your neighbourhood under the full moon.

You can also dress up as BoMangles with some simple white makeup, a red nose and a red wig - because who doesn't find clowns creepy on Halloween? Top off your look with a straitjacket and you're good to go - and if you're in a hurry, you can just throw on a black cloak and dress up as Grimes (bonus points if you can find a scythe somewhere too!).

For the budget-conscious

You don't have to have overly extravagant gear to join in on the spooky season. Take Sadako, for example. With her long black hair streaming down her face and the tattered rags for her clothes, she doesn't need anything expensive to scare the bejeezus out of anyone - and that's exactly what you can do by dressing up as the Phobie Alastor.

If you're willing to spend just a little bit, take Ross Geller from FRIENDS as an example - his Spud-nik costume is easy enough to piece together. But to add a Phobies-themed touch to it, be sure to sprinkle some festering slime and globs of goo all over your potato get-up to dress up as the Phobie Spud.

Twinning with your furry BFF

Halloween isn't just for humans - our furry friends also need a little trick-or-treating too. Shower your doggo with some fearsome fun by crafting two extra heads to copy the bone-chilling look of Cerberus, a common-rarity undead Phobie with a whopping 3000 HP. Just be sure to factor in the slobbering saliva for those two extra heads - if your good boi doesn't already slobber enough for you!

As for your feline friend, don your cuddly companion with some fake nails and red headgear to embody the spirit of Razor Mouth. Just be careful not to have a mirror close by while your kitty’s wearing his costume, or else you may see more than just Razor Mouth's fangs on display.

In the spirit of Halloween, Phobies community started sharing their Low-Cost Cosplay of their favorite Phobies in the game’s official Discord server. Check out their creative entries in Phobies’ official Instagram and Facebook!

Phobies is a free-to-play game available to download on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices.

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