Atlus announces JRPG Persona 2: Eternal Punishment coming to PSP in May

Although US/EU schedule still TBA

Atlus announces JRPG Persona 2: Eternal Punishment coming to PSP in May

If you like supernatural themed JRPGs, the today is your lucky day. Famitsu has reported that Atlus is releasing Persona 2: Eternal Punishment on the PSP this spring.

While details on an American and European localisation are still pending, the game has received a release date of 16 May in Japan.

The choice of the fading PSP over the rising PS Vita makes sense - considering Atlus thrilled JRPG fans in the US and EU with a Playstation Portable release of Persona 2: Innocent Sin a few months ago.

Eternal Punishment is not so much a distinct game (although it is certainly playable as such) as it is a continuation of the plot elements from the perspective of a new character. To divide the games between console generations would alienate some fans and make marathon playthroughs all the more difficult.

Naughty but nice

Much like last year's port of Innocent Sin, Eternal Punishment is promising to feature a host of enhancements to make it more appealing.

Load times - the bane of many console ports - are minimised, there will be a new player interface and character portraits, and players may select the game's difficulty level.

Additionally, Eternal Punishment will follow Innocent Sin's lead on the soundtrack as well: players can choose to listen to the original soundtrack of the PS One version or a new, re-arranged version done by Atlus powerhouse composer Shoji Meguro, who will likely also serve as the game's director.

But perhaps the most appealing news to fans is that Eternal Punishment will feature a new scenario written by Tadashi Satomi - the original writer of the first three Persona games.

As an added bonus, it will also feature a new animated opening courtesy of Madhouse - the company which Atlus tasked with creating the animated cinematics of Persona 4: The Golden.

But while the PSP is looking like a solid offering, this isn't the news Persona fans outside of Japan were hoping for (there is still no localisation date for Persona 4).

Still, it will no doubt delight long-time fans of the franchise eager to see the story of Innocent Sin wrapped up tidly before the next proper installment is released.