PopCap hints at Peggle for Android, having already confirmed it last year

“Unicorns and rainbows” mentioned during op-ed

PopCap hints at Peggle for Android, having already confirmed it last year
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Casual gaming site Gamezebo has published a fascinating op-ed from PopCap’s senior director of product and business strategy - mobile Giordano Bruno Contestabile.

Among plenty of business-led (but still interesting) talk of “transformative effects”, “platform fragmentation”, “e-commerce experiences”, and – behave yourselves – “high penetration”, there’s a none-too-subtle hint at the title set to be PopCap’s next venture into the Android Market.

“And with respect to Android, what does the future hold?” Contestabile rhetorically asks. “We can’t really say, but I’ve heard that a nice surprise might be in store if you love unicorns and rainbows.”

Peggle: meet Android

There are two games we can think of that include unicorns and rainbows, one of which PopCap confirmed it was working on for Android last year.

Yes, the Pocket Gamer Gold Award-winning Peggle is on its way to Android handsets, and looks set to meet its 'summer 2011' deadline.

No further information is forthcoming, but you’ll know when it’s been released, because society will grind to a total standstill as people forgo their daily duties in favour of shooting balls at pegs until the end of time.

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Chris Schilling
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