Peggle arrives on Android - free for 24 hours on Amazon Appstore

US gamers: they've got you Pegged

Peggle arrives on Android - free for 24 hours on Amazon Appstore
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Economists across America will be struggling to comprehend a sudden drop in productivity today, as half the workforce becomes a little too attached to their phones thanks to the release of Peggle on the Amazon Appstore.

Peggle is, as you may know, one of PopCap’s most well-known and beloved games. Based on Pachinko, Peggle's gameplay involves dropping a ball down onto a play area consisting of different coloured pegs.

Part-luck, part-skill, the game has the tendency to sneak up on you as you play, to the point where outside noises become a distant murmur and all your brain can think about is hitting another Fever (clearing all the orange pegs).

The Pocket Gamer Gold Award-winning title is currently free for the day, so if you’re an Android user in the US, there’s no excuse for not grabbing it before it goes up in price to $2.99 (download).

For non-US customers, you'll have to wait and see whether PopCap will start releasing its games on the Android Market.

Last signs were that this was still very much a ‘maybe’, unfortunately.

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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