Peace, Death! 2 is a sequel to the fun arcade simulator now out on PC and for Android and iOS soon

Peace, Death! 2 is a sequel to the fun arcade simulator now out on PC and for Android and iOS soon
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After the success of Peace, Death! Its sequel has just launched on Steam. The Android and iOS version is scheduled to release soon.

About Peace, Death! 2

Peace, Death! is an arcade simulator developed by AZAMATIKA, who are known for games like Gun Done: Color Parade and Zombie Apocalypse Quiz. Titles from AZAMATIKA are unique and usually offer exciting gameplay.

Peace, Death! is a premium, offline, casual single-player logic-based game. However, it doesn't have high-quality graphics, but it's very detailed.

Peace, Death! 2 is a sequel where players will take on the role of a Reaper. The story begins when one day you are hired as a reaper in 'The reapers union’, And now, as a reaper, your job is to judge people and then send them to either hell or heaven.

There will be various signs and many twists, which will make your judgment a little more challenging. The whole concept is unique and easy to learn, but the difficulty will increase as you progress. Even though it doesn't contain a solid storyline, the developers have paid a lot of attention to the details.

Pre-registration and Release

Peace, Death! 2 is out on PC. It's a premium title, and interested players can get it from Steam for $4.49. The developers have confirmed that the game will also release on both Android and iOS soon. However, we don't have an exact release date yet. Pre-registration for the title has already begun on Android; players can do so on Google Play. You can also visit its official site for more details.

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