Pac-Man Bounce is a puzzler like no other

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Pac-Man Bounce is a puzzler like no other
| Pac-Man Bounce
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Pac-Man Bounce is a little different to other Pac-Man games.

Instead of chomping your way around the level before turning your yellow wrath on the pursuing ghosts, you simply have to munch on a key.

But you don't get to control Pac-Man directly. That would be too easy! Instead you manoeuvre launch pads to change Pac-Man's trajectory in a pre-level planning stage.

There are of course bonus stars to collect, and a number of obstacles to avoid: ghosts, giant burgers, the usual stuff.

It's in soft launch in Canada for now, but the free to play puzzler is due worldwide on iOS and Android later this year. In the meantime, check out our preview video above.