Namco revamps Pac-Man again with 59p PAC-CHOMP! on iOS

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Namco revamps Pac-Man again with 59p PAC-CHOMP! on iOS
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The career of Pac-Man has been remarkably similar to the career of Welsh Crooner Tom Jones. After a successful early run it spent its middle years appearing in corny titles to minimal acclaim while trendy, thrusting young rivals kicked dust in its face.

But it's been enjoying a renaissance lately thanks to the clever remake Pac-Man Championship Edition and its DS follow-up. Earlier this month Namco brought Pac-themed Doodle Jump clone Pac'N Jump to iOS with positive results – it earned a coveted Pocket Gamer Silver Award – and now it's followed that up with universal app PAC-CHOMP!

PAC-CHOMP! is a match-three puzzler in which you have to bring different-coloured ghosts together to make them disappear. According to Namco, it's, “a match-3 puzzle game for the strategy-minded.”

The strategy element appears to consist of moving Pac-Man, and flipping and rotating the screen when you make a match. The game features genre mainstays like bonus stages, combos, and pick-ups. Game Center integration is also included.

On the basis of Namco's recent Pac-Man-related performance, it's probably quite good, but you'll know for sure when we bring you the definitive Pocket Gamer review.

PAC-CHOMP! available now on iPhone and iPad for 59p/99c.
Rob Hearn
Rob Hearn
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