'Crack-slingin’ corner boys' inspire Lite version of superior iPhone game Orbital

Full version still just 59p

'Crack-slingin’ corner boys' inspire Lite version of superior iPhone game Orbital
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Just over a week ago the Pocket Gamer team went out for dinner in Manchester. Before the food arrived, podcast co-host Fraser MacInnes went around the table asking each of us what our favourite iPhone game was. Editor-in-chief Joao was having trouble thinking of one, so to help him out I whispered “Orbital” across the table.

This meant that when the microphone came around to me I had to say my favourite iPhone game was The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition. It isn’t. It’s Orbital.

Based on the web game Gimme Friction Baby, Orbital is an hypnotic casual title dressed up to look like Geometry Wars and featuring simple, utterly compulsive gameplay in which you fire expanding balls into a gradually crowding, gravitationally dimpled space.

And now there’s a Lite version, which lets you score up to 15 points (which is actually fairly stingy, but it should give you an idea).

Perhaps controversially, Bitforge COO Reto Senn says, “We’ve chosen to offer the free version of Orbital because of lessons learned from cigarette companies and crack-slingin’ corner boys.”

The full version is currently on sale at 59p. Click below to go straight to the App Store.

Rob Hearn
Rob Hearn
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