OnLive soon to see integration with tablets and mobiles

HDTV’s and Blu-ray players also get in on the action

OnLive soon to see integration with tablets and mobiles
| OnLive news

OnLive, the cloud-based gaming platform, is partnering with consumer electronics producer Vizio to bring its service to an array of upcoming devices.

Although this announcement largely concerns its integration with HDTVs and Blu-ray players, integration with future VIA tablets and phones is also mentioned.

OnLive CEO Steve Perlman stated that games are actively being adapted for touchscreens, with tablets that support external controllers being able to use the service as normal.

OnLive is already available for both PC and Mac. An accompanying iPad app, entitled OnLive Viewer, is also available.

OnLive Viewer doesn’t currently offer the ability to play games, but allows you to watch games being played in real-time. According to the app's description, these features are just the tip of the iceberg, so stay tuned for great stuff to come.

An Android compatible version is also in Beta.