Streaming game platform OnLive is dead


Streaming game platform OnLive is dead
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OnLive is dead. The service that let you stream games to your Android (and various other gizmos, but notably not iOS) will cease operation on April 30th.

No further subscription fees will be charged, and you can continue to play all of your games until the end of April if you're a subscriber.

In fact, Eurogamer says "all the games on the service are free to everyone to play until it shuts down at the end of April."

The firm has sold its patents to Sony, who is also trying to crack the streaming game thing with PlayStation Now. Sony bought OnLive competitor Gaikai in 2012 and now lets you stream old PS3 games to various consoles and smart TVs.

Head in The Cloud

OnLive seemed like a good idea at the time. Your game would be played on some remote super computer server, which would pipe the audio and video to your home. In return, you'd transmit your desired control inputs.

When it worked, it worked pretty well. You could play PC games at maximum settings on your phone or a tiny set top box. You could transfer save games between devices. And you can watch other people play their games.

But, like playing Johnny B. Goode in 1955, it was ahead of its time. Internet speeds in OnLive's main territories just aren't fast or reliable enough for the service's nanosecond tradeover, often resulting in mushy visuals and lag between button presses.

Now, what am I gonna do with an OnLive set top box? Suggestions in the comments, please!