Play PC games on your Android tablet with OnLive's new CloudLift service

Head in the cloud

Play PC games on your Android tablet with OnLive's new CloudLift service
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It's been a long time since we've heard anything from the game streaming service, OnLive - but now we've got some news to report.

OnLive's announced the open beta of its new, updated game service, CloudLift, that comes with a shiny new UI, improved performance, and - more importantly - 'loads of new games'.

But the biggest change to OnLive's business plan is that it won't be selling 'streamed only' games as it did with PlayPass.

Instead, CloudLift allows you to play a digitally downloaded PC game on your PC (fancy that!), Mac, TV, and - most importantly - Android tablet.

Need a lift?

OnLive highlights instant launch and mobile compatibility to MMOs and virtual world experiences as two of the major selling points of CloudLift, with the other being the ability to instantly access a full game on platforms that don't normally support it.

In theory, any supported game purchased via a digital download will be eligible for CloudLift - but the catch is that OnLive needs to support it first.

So far, CloudLift's launching with Batman: Arkham Origins, Saints Row IV, and the indie hit Type:Rider - although it has dozens more titles planned like Europa Universalis IV and F1 2013.

Subscriptions for its service are available for $14.99 / £9.99 per month following a seven-day free trial period.

Those interested in learning more can click here - or here, if in the UK.