Carcassonne and Rules! devs get cryptic with the reveal of One Button Travel

I spy with my little eye

Carcassonne and Rules! devs get cryptic with the reveal of One Button Travel

The creators of Carcassonne and Rules! have unveiled their next game. It's to be an intriguing piece of interactive fiction called One Button Travel.

"Are you ready to solve mysteries, explore a strange new world and meet horned beasts? Pack your bags, you're going on a trip! Or are you?" teases the game's current description.

From what can be seen of One Button Travel so far, which isn't a lot, it looks like you'll be pushing a button to get this journey going.

That explains the title. But beyond that it's anyone's guess.

The visuals surrounding the game show a sharp graphic style at least. There are also lonesome eyeballs and brains filled with cogs implying a sci-fi or psychedelic theme.

It could have some cryptic meaning or it might all be there to throw us off.

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We can also see two formats in which the journey will be experienced: dialogue, and entering strange symbols into a circular keyboard. That's what it looks like anyway.

All of this mystery is only there to pull us in. And it's doing the trick. But what's really drawing us in is that it's the next game from The Coding Monkeys.

It's a studio we've come to expect quality games from, so here's to hoping.

One Button Travel is said to be coming to iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch soon. That much is for certain.

Check out the game's website with an analytical eye if you want to find out more.