NUTS: Some tips for you in this squirrely adventure

NUTS: Some tips for you in this squirrely adventure

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NUTS is a game that fans of wildlife and photography can appreciate. Yet, another game added to a strong list of games on Apple Arcade, NUTS is about what you think it's about. Yup, you'll be tracking down squirrels and taking pictures of them. It may remind gamers of Firewatch

You'll start off walking into the forest where a caravan awaits. There, you'll begin with some small tasks such as firing up a generator and sending a fax. Before you're ready to start snapping pictures of squirrels for your research, you'll need to take a test picture of the caravan. 

Initially, this can actually be a bit confusing, as it seems like you won't be able to fax the image to Nina, your boss, and mentor. One quick tip I'll tell you here if you get stuck is that you'll find your images in your journal and there's a little "lock" button at the top of your screen. Press that while your journal is open so you can grab the image and fax it to Nina. Now here are a few other tips to help you out on your photography adventure. 

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Experiment With Your Camera Angles

In NUTS, it's always fun to make the best use of your cameras. You can move them around (as long as it's in the target area) and adjust how low or high you want it to aim. Initially, as you try getting used to how everything works, you'll likely just place the camera. 

But once you start to build a routine, definitely don't be afraid to experiment a bit. Once you set up your cameras during the day, you can hit record on the video monitor in your caravan. You'll then automatically be switched to night time where you can review your footage. 

If you didn't capture a squirrel, then go to sleep, wake up and go back out and readjust your camera. If you did capture a squirrel, then great. From there, definitely feel to flex those artistic muscles and adjust things to the way you feel will give you the best shot in the targeted areas. 

Check Your Manual

Starting out, you don't get a lot of help with how things operate in NUTS and there's no doubt that that can drive some gamers nuts (sorry, I had no choice). Well, try not to get too squirrely, as the fact that the game doesn't really hold your hand can give you a slight challenge. Trust me, even completing some of the most mundane things can feel satisfying. 

But one thing you should definitely take advantage of is the manual which is hanging up in your caravan. This is something that can easily get overlooked as you try to figure things out. It doesn't tell you a ton, but it tells you enough to help you use different machines and equipment. 

Feel free to challenge yourself a bit and see if you can turn on a certain machine or complete a task. But if you get really stuck, the manual you will be by your side, all along (sorry; Bloodborne reference). This little book can make your life in the forest a tad bit easier. 

Get Creative With The Shots You Save

This is just more of a fun type of tip, really. You don't need to do this of course, but feel free to get creative with the images you take. And I'm talking about what you print off of your monitors at night when you're in the caravan. 

As you play the footage, you'll likely see a squirrel popping into the frame. If it's coming down from a tree, for example, consider saving the image of it right on the tree before reaching the ground. It could make for a cool little shot. 

You won't get bonus points or anything as Nina just wants the pictures of the squirrels. But, if you want to add a slight bit of flair to your experience, then you can definitely save screenshots while the squirrel is in sort of an action moment. 




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