Not A Hero is an upcoming stylish cover shooter for Vita from the OlliOlli dev


Not A Hero is an upcoming stylish cover shooter for Vita from the OlliOlli dev
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We mentioned a couple of days ago that OlliOlii developer Roll7's next game Not A Hero would be heading to Vita.

But what is this game exactly? We're going to answer that question as best we can right now.

At its core, Not A Hero is a side-scrolling cover shooter. In many respects, Roll7 streamlines cover shooting here in the same way it streamlined skateboarding in OlliOlli.

This is on account of the "quick snap cover system" and intelligent enemies. You can dodge fire at the press of a button to hide behind cover. You can come out guns blazing just as easily.

You can reload at your own discretion. If your enemies hear it, though, they'll charge you while you're vulnerable.

Not A Hero

The reason you're getting in so many firefights is explained in the bare bones story. Playing as reckless gunner Steve, you take on a job in which you have to clear five districts full of criminals.

The entity that offers Steve this job is BunnyLord. This 'thing' is described as an "anthropomorphic rabbit / mayoral candidate from the future".

So, as you can tell, Not A Hero has the same sort of surreal touches as Hotline Miami.

You'll meet plenty more odd characters along your journey as you'll need to recruit some of them as extra "not heroes".

Not A Hero

They all have unique fighting styles, including aggressive charges with a katana, in-cover shotgun blasting, and hand-to-hand brawling.

With them, you'll take on a variety of action-based missions. But there are also unexpected and risky secondary objectives that appear mid-mission.

We're not sure when Not A Hero will be available for Vita, but we'll let you know as soon as we do. There's more information about the game on its website.

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