Replace your Pet?

Nintendogs - all the benefits, none of the hassles reckon Nintendo

Replace your Pet?
| Nintendogs

Continuing to talk up its ‘dog in your DS’ puppy simulator, Nintendo has employed the help of Susan Quilliam, a ‘relationship psychologist’ (made-up job title or what!), to big up the value of virtual dog ownership. For example, it’s long been understood that owning a pet can be positive for our physical and creative development but will there be a similar effect with Nintendogs?

Surely nothing to do with fact Nintendo is paying for her opinions, Quilliam reckons Nintendogs will help develop attention spans and motor skills, as well as improves our ability to solve problems and think creatively.

The reason, it’s claimed, is that like a real pet, you have to regularly feed, exercise and entertain your Nintendog to keep it happy. Quilliam says this will teach you how to bond and provide a sense of nurture and responsibility. It can also help to raise your self-esteem and develop strategic thinking.

More research among parents agrees, with almost half of them saying owning a pet would teach their kids about emotions, although in the case of the non-dying Nintendogs, there never be any discussion of whether Spot has gone to doggy heaven.

Other benefits of the virtual versions were highlighted with 43 percent of pet lovers saying they’d prefer the lower vet bills of their Nintendogs, while 39 percent rejoiced in not having to take Patch for a walk.