Dogs gone!

Sales of Nintendo's pet-em-up have been anything but ruff

Dogs gone!
| Nintendogs

Now we finally understand what DS really stands for: it's 'Dog Simulator'. At least that's the feeling of the majority of over 1 million European folk who've purchased the brilliant Nintendogs since its launch on October 7th.

However, what makes this all the more staggering is the fact that, by Nintendo's own calculations, they've shifted just over 2 million DS handhelds across the continent. Hence, since its launch on October 7th, the cute cartridge has nuzzled it's way into around 50% of all machines. Suffice to say early critical suggestions that this game was just for girls (sales are split almost 50:50) have been well and truly put in their place!

Whilst we're very happy to celebrate the extraordinary sales, we think it's a prudent time to point out a more serious message... Remember, DS owners: Nintendogs is for life but Mario Kart DS is for Xmas!