Nintendo goes barking mad

£10 off your DS or get a £99 Nintendogs bundle

Nintendo goes barking mad
| Nintendogs

With over 1.5 million copies of pretty puppy simulator Nintendogs already sold in Japan and the US, Nintendo is turning up the heat for the European launch on 7 October. Not only has it dropped the price of a DS by £10 to £90, it also introducing a special cute-price Nintendogs bundle.

In keeping with the release of the new coloured-versions of DS, you’ll be able to get the Dachshund version of Nintendogs - which also comes with Shih Tzu and Pugs species - bundled with a pink DS for £99. Alternatively for those so you who prefer blue, the Labrador version of Nintendogs - which features the Labrador Retriever and Pembroke Welsh Corgi - is bundled with the blue DS for the same puppy-power price.