Sneak around medieval Japan in Ninja to carry out assasinations and mess with demons

Foxes raid at night

Sneak around medieval Japan in Ninja to carry out assasinations and mess with demons
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Afterlife Entertainment is keeping Ninja very much in the, ahem, shadows during the development process.

Saying that, we've decided to shine a whopping great light on this promising stealth iOS game.

In Ninja, you'll be playing a shinobi fox who scoots over rooftops and hides in the bushes of medieval Japan.

Across the game's 20 levels, you'll be stealing valuable items, assassinating targets, and discovering the secrets of the underworld.

Monkey around

At first, you'll only need to worry about the monkey guards getting in your way. Emerging out of the shadows, you can knock them out from behind and then drag them away from open view so you don't get spotted.

You'll also need to make sure you balance sneaking and running as you move around. With each step you take, a sound wave is emitted that will alert enemies if you're not careful.

Have a look at the pre-alpha gameplay video below for Ninja to get an idea of the game's basic stealth mechanics.

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Later on in Ninja, you'll have to contend with bulkier boar bosses, by the way. To be honest, though, the real threat will come from the demons and the underworld from the main narrative.

The backstory to the game, you see, centres on a legendary sword called The Demonbane. It's highly valuable, and a sure prize for a thieving ninja. But what repercussions will there be from stealing it?

We'll have to wait to find out when Ninja surfaces for iOS next Easter.

Chris Priestman
Chris Priestman
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