NFL Clash: A few tips to have you diving into the end zone

| NFL Clash
NFL Clash: A few tips to have you diving into the end zone

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NFL Clash is the first major game from Nifty Games, which focuses on mobile sports games. They've got deals with almost all of the North American professional sports leagues, including the NBA. 

The game plays a lot like Clash Royale only knights, archers, and such are replaced by NFL players and the arena is a football stadium. The game features several NFL stars including quarterbacks Kyler Murray and Josh Allen, who grace the cover art.

You unlock cards and form a team before placing them on the field and watching to see how things play out on the field. Although it is similar to Royale, it does incorporate many NFL elements that gamers need to keep in mind. Here are a few tips to help prepare you for your moves between the chalk lines.

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Utilize Your Wide Receivers

This is sort of an "if" thing in NFL Clash but if you have some good WR cards in your inventory, then take advantage of them. You can feel more confident about throwing deep passes against your opponents and good wideouts can make executing them easier.

Now, this doesn't mean that you need to constantly go deep, but a good receiver can make a major difference when playing. If your opponents don't have great cornerbacks or safeties, then you have an opportunity to take advantage of the situation.

Luckily, in the NFL, you have four tries at getting a First Down (in NFL Clash, you need to score so it's a bit different). So if you want to, you can go deep on a couple of plays and then switch it up afterward. The choice is yours, but do keep in the mind the power of a great wide receiver.

Always Try and Use an Extra Offensive Lineman

If you have a solid offensive lineman card, then definitely take advantage and use it when you can on the offensive side of the ball. Just keep in mind that cards take up energy just like in Clash Royale and so you may have to wait for a play depending on how powerful the card is.

Having an extra O-lineman is effective on run plays but can be impactful on pass plays too. Each player has a specialty so if you are going with running plays and you have a "Run Blocker" card, then consider using it as this will open up holes easier for your running backs.

As with anything, this doesn't guarantee success, but it is a nice little blanket to make you feel a bit cozier when running plays. Just like in the real NFL, a great offense starts with a great offensive line so if you snag some quality O-line cards, then feel free to let out a little fist pump as you build your offensive empire.

Defend The Pass

Playing defense is a bit more challenging in NFL Clash. It's really up to you how you want to approach it but one good way to defend is to defend the pass, even on run plays. I say this because you'll have a few players in the backfield who can stop a good runner from breaking through.

If you do blitz plays, then you'll be at risk if your guys up front can't bring the man down or if your opponent is going for a pass. If the other player is attempting a pass, this could possibly leave your defense vulnerable out there. In other football games, you'll always have someone back, even on blitz plays but in Clash, it's a bit different.

Getting more coverage on the field can prove to be beneficial. If you have at least one really good cornerback or safety card then that's even better. Don't be afraid to blitz though if you do feel like it's right for the situation.

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