Orange and O2 reveal iPhone 4 tariffs

'Unlimited' is the new 'limited'

Orange and O2 reveal iPhone 4 tariffs

Following on from Vodafone’s iPhone 4 tariff leak earlier in the week, both O2 and Orange have now come out with their own competing plans.

Orange is offering the iPhone 16Gb from £169 and 32Gb from £269 on its two year monthly contracts, which start from £30 and max out at the wallet sapping £75 per month.

Almost all the plans include unlimited texts and ‘unlimited*’ mobile internet and wi-fi access, which actually means a 750Mb per month limit on 3G and BT Openzone hotspots. Tethering bundles are a separate beast altogether and start from £5 per month on top of the normal monthly fee.

PAYG customers have unlimited wi-fi (no asterisk this time, but the small print suggests a similar 750Mb limit) and mobile internet browsing is capped at 250Mb per month.

Orange PAYG Handsets are available from £480 for the 16Gb and £570 for the 32Gb model.

O2, on the other hand, hasn’t spilled the beans just yet on how much the handset will cost monthly for PAYG customers. Instead, its tariffs start at £24 p/m (24 month) and £30 p/m (18 month).

Unlike Orange, O2 doesn’t pretend it has an unlimited data plan, with a 500Mb limit imposed on tariffs under £40 a month, with the amount rising to 1Gb for the £60-65 p/m plans.

Texts are free to all customers and wi-fi is unlimited. As with Orange, though, there's a catch – in this case a fair usage policy and a warning that unlimited data on smartphone tariffs is part of a promotion until October 2010.

The PAYG top-up tariffs appear to be kinder than Orange’s, offering a 500Mb cap and more texts and minutes than the equivalent price range.

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