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MU Online's official Fairy Elf figurine is now available for pre-order

Webzen MU'ves its franchise into new ventures

MU Online's official Fairy Elf figurine is now available for pre-order
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Die-hard fans of the popular MU Online series will be overjoyed to learn that they can now get their hands on some of the franchise's most popular characters with Webzen releasing an official line of MU figurines.

In partnership with Japanese figurine manufacturer VERTEX, Webzen today unveiled its Fairy Elf figure; a 1/7th size physical rendering of one of the most iconic characters found throughout MMORPG franchise. Besides being a fan favourite for their agility and buffing skills, the Fairy Elf (or Noria Elves to give them their proper name) are among the most aesthetically exquisite races, boasting the most ornately designed armour and equipment in the series.

The level of detail on display with the Fairy Elf is truly impeccable, with a suitably dynamic and elegant pose, meticulous design, and clear gleaming wings, all serving as testament to the quality of VERTEX’s work. This of course shouldn't come as a surprise with the company enjoying a great reputation in the industry for its dedication to quality and use of state of the art 3D sculpting techniques.

The new line of figures represents a new venture for Webzen, which is looking to explore new ways of expanding its hit franchise. So you can expect plenty more MU branding to be coming your way soon!

If you can't wait to get your hands on the figure, you can find it available for pre-order today for ¥29,800 from AmiAmi, the largest Bishoujo & Character figure retail site in Japan and offers shipping all over the world.

Pre-ordering of the Fairy Elf figure will be available until the 25th of November 2019, and the item is expected to ship in April 2020.

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