Bring your blocky creations to life with AR app Minecraft Reality

Lego is for squares

Bring your blocky creations to life with AR app Minecraft Reality

You can now bring your Minecraft creations into the real world, thanks to 13th Lab's new AR app Minecraft Reality.

Made in co-operation with Minecraft developer Mojang, this new app allows you to upload your favourite Minecraft block constructions onto 13th Lab's servers, and then project that object into actual physical environments.

Simply use your device's camera to scan your surroundings, and upload your right-angled recreation of the USS Enterprise-D.

Then, with the help of some augmented reality magic, you can survey your engineering genius from every conceivable angle.

Square eyes

If you're particularly proud of your work, you can leave objects embedded in the world for others to discover. You'll also stumble across cuboid landmarks uploaded and deposited by fellow Minecraft Reality users.

We should mention that Minecraft Reality has a few restrictions at the moment: it's only available to iOS users, and it doesn't support the fourth-gen iPod touch. We also recommend iPhone 4 owners give it a miss, as owners of Apple's fourth-gen blower will find "most" of the app's functionality unavailable.

However, if you have a compatible device and are tired of carrying around two suitcases full of Lego, you can pick up Minecraft Reality from the App Store now for £1.49 / $1.99.

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