Digital Chocolate releases New York Rollercoaster Rush on mobile

Big dipper meets Big Apple

Digital Chocolate releases New York Rollercoaster Rush on mobile

It’s an idea we’ve all had at some point. Why don’t they build a massive rollercoaster right in the middle of a major city?

Imagine swooping upside down through central London at 100 feet and 70 miles-per-hour. The closest you can get to replicating that feeling at present is a cab ride home after a night on the tiles.

Digital Chocolate, as ever, seems to know what we want. It’s just released New York Rollercoaster Rush onto mobile, which takes its popular casual racer (of sorts) into the heart of the Big Apple.

The core gameplay remains familiar, as you skilfully accelerate and decelerate around each looping track, trying to maximise your speed whilst avoiding an accident.

There are now three new NY-based locations to race around – Central Park, downtown Manhattan, and uptown suburbs - taking in such landmarks as the Statue of Liberty. What’s more, you’ll be able to negotiate each of these themes during the day or at night.

As well as the typically involved single-player Career mode, you’ll also be able to take on your friends via ‘hotseat multiplayer,’ where you can go head to head with a ghost representation of their best time.

Keep an eye out for our review - this one’s looking to be quite a ride.