Why was New Star Soccer pulled from the App Store?

Issues with the new update

Why was New Star Soccer pulled from the App Store?
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An update for the super-addictive New Star Soccer hit the Google Play Store for Android last week, bringing with it a range of new features, including crosses and deflections.

As is often the case, an identical update for the iOS version was submitted to Apple around the same time. Unfortunately, things haven't exactly gone according to plan - not only has the update been pulled from the App Store, but the entire game has also disappeared.

Talking to Pocket Tactics, New Star Soccer developer Simon Read explained that there was an error in the latest update, and although he has submitted a fix, Apple has decided to remove the game from the App Store in the meanwhile.

"Apple are looking into the issue with NSS," he later said on Twitter. "Hoping for a swift resolution."

No need to worry, however: we've got a full-on tips and tricks guide for the game coming later this week, so you'll be able to swot up before the update goes live again on the App Store.

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