Celebrate the start of the Premier League season with the 5 best iOS and Android football games

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Celebrate the start of the Premier League season with the 5 best iOS and Android football games
| New Star Soccer

The Premier League season started again over the weekend. That's what all that noise was, in case you were wondering.

It was people being happy that their 91 day wait for top flight football had finally ended.

Being the mavericks that we are here at Pocket Gamer, we decided that now would be a good time to tell you about five of the best iOS footballing games that money can buy.

If you think the two things are somehow connected, you're dead right. But it's Monday and there's no news, so we're all just going to have to deal with our choices.

New Star Soccer (iPhone, iPad, Android)

A game that's not really about football, except that it is. It's a clever little player management sim that occasionally lets you flick a ball at a goal. It's hideously addictive, brilliantly simple, and just a little bit special. If you haven't played it yet, make it your mission for this season.

Score! Classic Goals (iPhone, iPad)

Kick a ball into a goal in a similar way to how some famous people did it once. That's the basic idea behind Score! Classic Goals. And it works remarkably well. There are 80 goals to score, and getting them all spot on should take you most of the season. If you're really bad or really slow.

FIFA 13 (iPhone, iPad)

The beautiful game. Jumpers for goalposts. And so on. FIFA 13 is a pretty impressive touchscreen version of the console classic. There are loads of modes, loads of famous digitised players, and more balls than you can shake a corner flag at.

Flick Soccer! (iPhone, iPad, Android)

Few games express their core idea quite so well as Flick Soccer. It's soccer, right, but you flick the ball. It's sort of like Subbuteo but without the tiny men to trod on and hurt your foot. Clever and simple, the bite-sized gameplay here is perfect for snatching a minute or two of gaming when you can.

Football Manager Handheld 2013 (iPhone, iPad, Android)

Don't fancy getting your boots dirty but want to feel the thrill of victory all the same? Then buy a tie, think of some hideous clichés to spout in post-match interviews, and become a manager in Football Manager Handheld 2013. Problem solved.