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Apple Arcade expands it's library further with four new games that are available now

Enjoy Baseball, Pac-Man, gravity puzzles and cheese grater monsters

Apple Arcade expands it's library further with four new games that are available now

Four new games have arrived on Apple's subscription service. You'll be able to enjoy Pac-Man Party Royale, Manifold Garden, Ballistic Baseball and Things That Go Bump as all four of them are available now for Apple Arcade.

Manifold Garden

Manifold Garden was a known entity for a release today but I'm more than happy to be talking about it again. It's a first-person exploration game with puzzles that you'll have to solve by manipulating the laws of gravity around you. It has a beautiful art style that sets it apart from the already varied roster of Apple Arcade. It's inspired by a Dutch artist called Escher. Look him up too when you get a chance, he's done some awesome prints.

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Ballistic Baseball

Pitching another multiplayer game into the Apple Arcade library is Gameloft's Ballistic Baseball. Here you'll be able to square off with other players in real-time multiplayer matches with your fully customisable team. You can choose everything from their bats, helmets and uniforms to make it truly feel like your team.


Pac-Man Party Royale

We also knew that the yellow chomper would be munching his way onto Apple Arcade later this year, we just didn't know it would be today. Pac-Man Party Royale is, as you might have guessed from the name, a Battle Royale game where each player takes control of their own Pac-Man and has to be the last one standing. You can eat super pellets to turn your opponents into ghosts if you eat them after consuming one. They'll be able to self-revive if they can capture another Pac-Man.

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Things That Go Bump

Finally, we have Things That Go Bump, which joins Manifold Garden one of the more striking looking game. Though this game is striking because of how quirky it looks. You'll start off as a little spirit and then float around a house where you'll build yourself into creature out of various household objects, except because it's dark they all look more like silhouettes. This can be anything from a cheese grater to an umbrella. Once your household object abomination is complete you fight other players or fight other spirits. It looks very cute.

All four of these new titles are available now for Apple Arcade. Apple Arcade is a subscription service that costs £4.99 per month and we've got a hub dedicated to it so you can discover more about the library of games on offer.

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