Neenya Ninja slips shadow-like onto mobile once more

Haiiiiiii Yaaaaaa!

Neenya Ninja slips shadow-like onto mobile once more
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| Neenya Ninja: To the Rescue

You don't hear about many girl ninjas. Maybe it's because, like Neenya of Neenya Ninja fame, they are busy rescuing monks and doing battle with evil robots while all the male ninjas are lining up to star in cinematic productions.

At any rate, Neenya has been lumbered with the dirty work once more in Neenya Ninja: To the Rescue. The gameplay sounds pretty similar to Neenya's last outing in that it's a side-scrolling action platfomer with lovingly drawn and animated visuals, not to mention a keen sense of fun.

What is new is that Neenya now has four elemental spirit powers that she can use while questing. The storyline sounds a tad more conventional, too: you're now rescuing monks instead of battling robot hordes.

All in all, it looks like an minor incremental revision of the original concept, which as far as we're concerned is no bad thing seeing how great the first game was. We're looking forward to taking Neenya out for a second heroic outing, then. When we do, we'll obviously tell you what we think so stab that 'Track It!' button.