NBA SuperCard: Three things to know about the basketball card battler

NBA SuperCard: Three things to know about the basketball card battler

A sports-oriented battler

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NBA SuperCard is a sports-based strategy game that features the NBA (of course). It's also the only NBA game on mobile at the time of this writing that features the WNBA. The game is about collecting cards and building your basketball super team.

You play through games and snatch some cards afterward to add to your squad. Think of the game sort of like NBA 2K's popular MyTEAM feature. It's just slightly dumbed down because you can't actually use player models on the virtual court.

So it's a game the combines the world of collecting and fantasy sports and forms a unique game, being one of the few sports-based card battlers out there. Here are a few things you should know about NBA SuperCard before firing it up on your iOS or Android device.

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Easy to Understand

For the most part, NBA SuperCard is a pretty easy game to understand when you fire it up. As we mentioned, it's all about collecting cards. Your goal is to build yourself a powerhouse team with the cards that you snatch up while you play.

When participating in games, it's really all about having the stronger cards. If you feel slightly confused initially, just know that the cards with the higher attributes have the best shot to win a round. To start out, not all of your cards will be dominant, so select wisely during games.

You'll take your chance and choose the card(s) that you feel is best for that moment. It's fun in that it's unpredictable how things will go. Eventually, you'll become a pro once you get used to upgrading your cards and the like so you can dominate the hardwood.

Features The WNBA

Out of the many NBA games on mobile, NBA SuperCard is the only one to include the WNBA at the time of this writing. If you're a fan of professional women's basketball, then you may come to appreciate its inclusion as part of the game. 

The league has been featured on console games like NBA 2K20 and 2K21, with the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S featuring a full-blown WNBA mode called "The W". However, as mentioned, we haven't seen it included on mobile until now. 

So in SuperCard, you can play NBA or WNBA matches. The cards you collect will vary and can include cards of some of the top players in women's basketball. It's a nice addition that adds another fun layer that deepens the experience a bit. 

Tons of Players

OK, so this seems pretty obvious but NBA SuperCard offers a ton of players in it. There are some NBA games that don't have full-blown rosters of players. Usually, it's the arcade-style games (which are still amazing) that go this route. 

But here, you have a deep amount of players to earn and add to your team. From current players to legends, there's a bit of everything. On top of that, you can earn some WNBA stars to add to your squad as well like we mentioned earlier. 

You'll likely be collecting bench players to start, but after a while, you'll be building up your roster with NBA and WNBA superstars. And then, like another thing we mentioned, you can upgrade your players and make them more dangerous on the court. 





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