My Tamagotchi Forever launches in a couple of weeks, but our anxiety is already flaring

Cute! (Please don't die)

My Tamagotchi Forever launches in a couple of weeks, but our anxiety is already flaring

Remember back in November when we first found out that Bandai Namco had picked up Tamagotchi for mobile? Well, your wait is almost over as My Tamagotchi Forever prepares for its March 15th launch on iOS and Android.

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My Tamagotchi Forever is a little more detailed than original experiences. You can still feed it, clean up after it, and play with it, but you can also tickle it, bathe it, evolve it, play mini games, share the fun you and your pal are having, and collect memorable moments from Tamatown.

Once your little creatures are all big and grown up, you get to pick a career path for them. You'd assume they could feed, bathe, and entertain themselves by the time they're older, but we'll have to see.

Believe it or not it's been 20 years since Tamagotchi kicked off its weird, virtual-pet phenomenon and any kid from the 90s knows how it feels to own one.

For a few days there was pure elation at the sound of your little friend eating and pooping, something that gave you a fuzzy feeling in your stone-cold chest. But, then you wake up one morning to the sudden realisation that you've forgotten to feed it for a while and-- NOOO JERRY, NOOO. Instant trauma.

Maybe that's just me - I was a very sensitive child and have hence grown into a sensitive adult - so if I end up trying out the game it'll likely turn into an obsession. Unless Bandai's totally gotten rid of the death element, in which case I can probably sleep a little better.

You can't get your hands on it for another couple of weeks, but pre-registrations have opened up on Google Play. Plus, if you want to get your very own Tamagotchi character in the game you can enter the contest online.