Get two mobile games for the price of one!

I-play to sell My Dog, Slyder and more in Absolute double-deals

Get two mobile games for the price of one!
| My Dog

Two-for-the-price-of-one deals are common in supermarkets, but less so in the world of mobile games. Until now, at least.

I-play has announced plans to start selling its casual games in pairs, in a new scheme called 'Absolute' (we haven't seen the logo yet, but if it hasn't got Tesco-style blue'n'white stripes, we'll be disappointed.)

The idea is you pay £5, and download one file containing TWO games.

Will they be cheap and nasty? Nope. Among the titles being included in the bundles are virtual pup sim My Dog and the very-fine puzzler Slyder, along with new games based on sudoku and kakuro.

I-play reckons the Absolute offers will tempt people to download mobile games who haven't before, while also giving those of us who are hardened mobile gamers the chance to snap up a bargain or two.

Our view: it's a potentially great move, although it will depend on which games are bundled together, and on I-play ensuring that the bundles aren't padded out with any filler.