Mortal Kombat X celebrates one year anniversary with biggest update yet

New Faction War Store, Rwards and Challenges

Mortal Kombat X celebrates one year anniversary with biggest update yet
| Mortal Kombat X

Nobody likes blood and fighting more than the cast of Mortal Kombat. Seriously, those folks have some issues.

And this latest update for Mortal Kombat X adds the largest amount of content to the game yet.

There's a brand new Faction War Store and Currency. Blood Rubies are now obtained during the Faction Wars, and can be used in a brand new store filled with a variety of different items.

The leaderboards have been tweaked and there will be more frequent Faction War seasons so players have more chances to win stuff.

Who doesn't like winning stuff?

Rewards include two new Gold Characters, Kobu Jutsu Tanya and Dark Emperor Liu Kang, as well as new equipment like the Bloody Shokan Armor, Bloody Voodoo Doll and Bloody Tomahawk.

Because blood.

New challenge characters will also be added to the game overtime, and players will be able to get new skins for classic characters.

Finally, the game has had some much needed matchmaking and character balance updates.

The game is free to download now along with the new update. It definitely looks like it could be well worth checking out.

Ray Willmott
Ray Willmott
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