It would cost over $300 to get every character in Mortal Kombat X

Whole lotta Koins

It would cost over $300 to get every character in Mortal Kombat X
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If you wanted to buy the entire character roster in the new Mortal Kombat X for iOS (and soon Android), it would cost you over $300.

The game's fighters - which range from veterans like Sub-Zero to franchise newbies like Cassie Cage - can be picked up from randomised card parks, or you can buy them ala carte from the in-game shop.

But it won't be cheap as you'll need 863,000 Koins and 6,065 souls to get all the characters in all their different versions (so that includes, say, Johnny Cage, Stunt Double Johnny Cage, and A-List Johnny Cage).


Even with the most cost-effective currency purchases, you'd need to spend £62.96 / $79.96 on Koins and £166.26 / $207.96 on Souls, for a combined cost of £229.22 / $287.92.

You'll end up with 1,000 leftover Koins and 25 spare souls.

That doesn't include Covert Ops Cassie Cage, Assassin Kitana, and Warlock Quan Chi who are exclusive to randomised Kombat Packs, which cost 120 souls (about £7.99 / $9.99) a pop.

So even if you're super lucky that's another 30 bucks.

If you wanted to get just the normal versions of each character, you could spend just 764,000 Koins, at a cost of around £55.97 / $69.97. Sound better?


Koins are given out often in game, but are also spent on upgrades and equipment. Souls are the game's premium currency and are given out very rarely.

We weren't too fond of the game, calling it an "awfully simple screen masher" in our 6/10 review.

Here's the full breakdown of who costs what:

Character Name Koin Cost Souls Price
Lin Kuei 8000
Saurian 8000
Shirai Ryu 8000
Trooper 8000
Monk 10000
Osh-Tekk 10000
Sergeant 10000
Oni 12000
Jacqui Briggs 35000
Repitle 35000
Sub-Zero 35000
Johnny Cage 40000
Kano 40000
Kung Jin 40000
D'Vorah 45000
Sonya Blade 45000
Cassie Cage 50000
Kotal Kahn 50000
Scorpion 50000
Ermac 75000
Jax Briggs 75000
Kenshi 75000
Cutthroat Kano 99000
Stunt Double Johnny Cage 200
Noxious Reptile 200
Swarm Queen D'Vorah 220
Shaolin Kung Jin 225
Commando Kano 235
Blood God Kotal Kahn 250
Ninjutsu Scorpion 250
Demolition Sonya Blade 250
Nimble Reptile 260
A-List Johnny Cage 270
Spectral Ermac 275
Cryomancer Sub-Zero 275
Venomous D'Vorah 280
Mournful Kitana 300
Bojutsu Kung Jin 300
Tactical Sonya Blade 300
Sun God Kotal Khan 310
Master of Souls Ermac 325
Balanced Kenshi 330
Possessed Kenshi 330
Grandmaster Sub-Zero 330
Inferno Scorpion 350
Covert Ops Cassie Cage
Assassin Kitana
Warlock Quan Chi
Total: 863000 6065

Let us know if you've spent any money in this free to play fighter in the comments below.

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