Moonlighter Android arriving soon, as revealed in our LaunchPad stream

Moonlighter's Android version has just been confirmed, and it's scheduled to release soon

Moonlighter Android arriving soon, as revealed in our LaunchPad stream
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I cannot be excited enough to share with you that Moonlighter is finally coming to Android Devices. The game was released for the iOS platform almost eight months back. Unfortunately, we don't know the exact launch date yet, but it sure is coming very soon.

Moonlighter to release on Android Soon

Moonlighter was first released on PC & Console in 2018, and then it expanded to iOS devices last year in November. Since then, Android users have been eagerly waiting for the game to launch on Google Play.

It took the developers some time, but yesterday, during day 1 of our Pocket Gamer Launchpad, they confirmed that Moonlighter is heading to the Android platform and will be released shortly.

About Moonlighter

Moonlighter is a much-loved action RPG game from 11-bit studios and Digital Sun. It is a beautiful game similar to Stardew Valley, where you will find yourself running a shop by day and exploring a series of dungeons by night. Of course, you will be taking on the monsters and collecting the loot to invest back into your shop.

When will Moonlighter release on Android?

Unfortunately, the developers have not revealed the exact launch date for the Android version yet. All that was mentioned during the Pocket Gamers Launchpad stream was that it is coming soon. However, if we were to guess, we would say it's coming in a couple of months.

Since it's a premium title, you will have to spend $11.99 to get your hands on this addictive action RPG and town-building game. The game includes all existing DLC in the cover price. As we mentioned earlier, Moonlighter is already available on iOS for the same price. If you have an iPhone, you can download the game right now from the Apple Appstore.

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