Monster Hunter X livestream footage shows off villages, new fighting styles, monsters


Monster Hunter X livestream footage shows off villages, new fighting styles, monsters
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Capcom had a livestream of Monster Hunter X yesterday to reveal a few more details about the game ahead of its arrival on 3DS in Japan this winter.

YouTuber "Arrekz Gaming" recorded the livestream - as you can watch below - but also provided a breakdown of everything that was shown. You can watch the analysis video above.

During the livestream, Capcom outlined why this newest Monster Hunter game uses the "X" in its name. In short, being a cross, represents a "crossover" of different elements from the series.

The shape of the cross also divides an area into four distinct parts. This also relates to the game's four hunting styles, four large main monsters, four villages.

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To explain, the four hunting styles can be performed with all 14 of the game's weapons, each of which have unique attacks.

There's an aerial fighting style that lets you get to the higher reaches of the bigger monsters. Another focuses on countering, while the "Guild" system is a more traditional Monster Hunter fighting style.

Finally, the fourth style hasn't been detailed, but it seems likely it will focus on special attacks.

As to the four main monsters, we only see one of those in action in the livestream, which is the Dinovaldo. It's a Brute Wyvern type with a long, sharp, and fiery tail that unleashes brutal attacks.

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The other three monsters including a Flying Wyvern, a Fanged Beast, and a Leviathan-type.

As to the four villages in Monster Hunter X the new Beruna Village and three others from previous games in the series.

Those are Yukumo Village from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, Pokke Village from Monster Hunter Freedom 2, and Kokoto Village from the first game.

At the moment, Monster Hunter X has only been announced for Japan, but given the game's popularity over here we're expecting it to make its way westward too.

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