Popular anime Aggretsuko comes to mobile in a choose-your-own narrative game for iOS

As part of a new app called MomentSQ

Popular anime Aggretsuko comes to mobile in a choose-your-own narrative game for iOS
| MomentSQ

AVM Lab has created an interesting sounding app in MomentSQ. It's kind of like an on-demand choose-your-own narrative service. To kick off the service they're releasing a game based on the popular anime Aggretsuko and it's available now for iOS with an Android version coming later.

The story will see you joining a group chat on an instant messaging app with the death metal-loving red panda and all her friends. You'll be able to join in the conversation by selecting from various options the game will occasionally give you.

The choices you make will influence the outcome of the story, so it's essentially a choose-your-own-adventure game told through WhatsApp. Your ultimate aim is to become such good pals with all anthropomorphised animals in the chat that you can play an important role in the friendship group.

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The first episode will be available for free, but subsequent episodes which will be released on a weekly basis will need to be purchased. Rather than being able to simply pay cash for each episode, you'll have to buy the app's diamond currency to buy each episode. Prices range from £0.99 for 10 diamonds to £48.99 for 650.

Future stories that come to the MomentSQ will be from a mixture of established franchises such as Aggretsuko as well as entirely original stories too. They're apparently focusing on bringing excellent stories to their service in different genres too. For example, there will be a live-action interactive mystery called Summerland at some stage while others might be CG animated shorts.

The Aggretsuko story will be available through the MomentSQ app, with the first episode available now on the App Store and soon on Google Play. It's free-to-play the first episode but subsequent chapters will need to be purchased. 

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