Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.32 - Major November Update Explained, what it means and what changes

Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.32 - Major November Update Explained, what it means and what changes

As it's been recently announced in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang patch of November 24th, quite a few changes are about to hit the arena we know and love, which will affect a number of champions.

In short, good ol' Clint has been reworked, receiving a new kit that better fits the current game meta, a new champion has been added, some other champions have been adjusted, and a couple of new time-limited events are on underway. So, if you're curious to see what Patch 1.5.32 has brought to the game, let's dive right in.



New Hero: Mathilda, The Swift Plume

Skill 1: Soul Bloom -Mathilda resonates with the power of ancestors and summons whisps that surround her. With the movement distance increased, more and more wisps will be attracted to her, capped at 6 wisps. After casting this skill or reaching the time limit, the power of ancestors will guide the wisps to attack nearby enemies, each time dealing Magic Damage. Damage is reduced when hitting the same target. 

Skill 2: Guiding Wind - Mathilda creates a field surrounding her and leaps forward. Upon landing, she gains a Shield and Movement Speed. The allied units who come in contact with this field will receive the same Shield also, and Guiding Wind: After using Guiding Wind, the hero will be guided to Mathilda, and both of them will gain the same Movement Speed. When using this skill during Circling Eagle, Mathilda will not change her position. Mathilda will reclaim all Guiding Wind if it is used by an allied hero. 

Ultimate: Circling Eagle - Mathilda applies a Soul Mark to the targeted hero and then circles around the target for up to 2s. During this period, wisps will rush to nearby enemies, each time dealing Magic Damage. After casting this skill or reaching the time limit, she will rush to the target, knocking back enemies on the path, stunning them, and dealing Magic Damage. Mathilda gains control immunity and Shield during her circling. 

Passive: Ancestral Guidance - Mathilda gains [Ancestral Guidance] while moving. When it is fully charged, her next basic attack will be enhanced, dealing Magic Damage to the target and increasing her Movement Speed. 

Conclusion: She's a new Support class hero which is going to wreak havoc in the Land of Dawn. She seems quite powerful at first glance since her kit is mainly designed to facilitate allies' movement towards enemies, offering them shields, as well as dealing quite a bit of damage to the opponent. With a passive skill like hers, it should be almost impossible for an enemy to scape Mathilda.

Revamped Hero: Clint, The West Justice

Skill 1: Quick Draw - Clint shoots 5 bullets rapidly. The bullets will hit the enemies in a fan-shaped area in turn. The damage dealt by the first bullet on a target is increased. 

Skill 2: Trapping Recoil - Clint shoots a rope forward, immobilizing the enemy and jumping back a certain distance. 

Ultimate: Grenade Bombardment - Clint launches a grenade in a designated direction. He can store up to 5 grenades at a time. 

Passive: Double Shot - Each time Clint casts the skill, he will shoot his rifle with his next basic attack, dealing great damage in a straight line. 

Conclusion: From a rather low tier unit, Clint's rework seems to show a little love for the cowboy, making his new kit way more friendly towards the role he plays, a Marksman. His new skills seem to be revolving around his old Passive skill (now reworked completely), which to be honest is quite interesting. In addition to that, his old Skill 2 [Heel Rope -> Trapping Recoil] is now immobilizing enemies instead of just slowing them, making it a way better addition to his kit. Overall, it seems like the rework might have just put Clint back on the A+ (and higher) tier list, given the amount of utility and damage he brings to the table now.

Hero Adjustments


Base Physical Attack: 140 → 115
HP Growth: 125.5 → 150.5
Attack Speed Growth: 3% → 5%
Extra ATK Speed Gaining Ratio: 30% → 50%

Skill 1 (adjusted):

- Base Damage: 260-625 → 150-550
- Physical Attack Bonus: 150% → 180%
- Damage increase ratio for every target penetrated: 20% → 10%, with the limit: 160% → 130%

Ultimate (nerfed):

- Extra damage for each stack: 8% → 6-8% of the target's lost HP (scales with skill level)

Conclusion: Because of his OP snowballing in the early stages of the game, his kit has now been adjusted to make the champion more playable in the later stages of the game, and have the ability to compete with other end-game Marksmen. He will now have slightly less damage in the early game but have plenty more Attack Speed in the late game, which shouldn't be quite a big issue. 


Ultimate (buffed):

- Largely increased the distance of each movement.
- Fixed a bug that caused it not to change direction on some occasions. 

Conclusion: There are no major changes in numbers, but a number of smaller changes that should boost the quality of gameplay. In addition, all skill icons of Lapu-Lapu and the Ancestral Blade model have been updated as well. 


Passive (slightly nerfed):

- Physical Attack Bonus of each Arrow's Damage: 42% → 40%

Ultimate (buffed):

- Movement Speed increased by 30-50 during Ultimate. 

Conclusion: There is no major, crazy change in her kit. They've basically reduced her damage slightly, but given her a tad bit of extra Movement Speed during Ultimate to catch up with most enemies and unleash her flurry. It's quite a nice adjustment for the late game, where she will be able to pretty much stomp thanks to the extra Movement Speed. 


His damage before purchasing "Demon Hunter Sword" has been increased. 

Ultimate (buff):

- Base Damage of each hit: 70-100 → 120-160

Damage to minions: 400% → 300%

Conclusion: His damage to minions is now slightly lower, which makes his clear speed in the early game a little bit slower, but because of the major damage increase to his Ultimate, that won't really matter in the end game. Also, after he purchases the Demon Hunter Sword, he will probably be stronger than before.  


Passive (buffed):

- Extra damage of enhanced Basic Attack to Minions and Creeps: 4% → 12% (of Max HP)

Conclusion: Not much has changed, other than his farming speed. That means that he is finally on par with other supports, and can now bring about a lot more utility to the table earlier on. Additionally, the recommended build has been changed. 


Skill 1 (adjusted):

- Silences targets → Slows targets

Skill 2 (nerfed):

- Base Damage: 210-360 → 180-330
- Physical Attack Bonus: 100% → 80%
- Damage to Minions and Creeps: 55% → 70%

Ultimate (adjusted):

- Slows targets → Silences targets

Conclusion: His kit is a little bit more balanced now, as his biggest crowd control is during Ultimate, not during Skill 1. In addition, his Skill 2 got slightly nerfed, which is going to have an impact in the earlier game stages but shouldn't be an issue at max rank. 


Attributes (buffed):

- HP Growth: 191 → 202

Skill 2 (adjusted):

- Physical Attack Bonus of the Shield: 150% → 200%

Ultimate (nerfed):

- Removed Control Immunity when casting the second phase of the Ultimate. Optimized the skill to ensure its actual and displayed effects are consistent. 

Conclusion: The aim of this adjustment was to enhance the experience when fighting against Chou. But in order to avoid nerfing him completely, his survivability has been also increased.


Skill 1 (adjusted):

- Duration: 5s → 4s
- Base Shield: 400-750 → 500-850
- Cooldown Reduction for each non-hero unit hit: 1s → 0.5s

Skill 2 (adjusted):

- Skill 1 Cooldown Reduction for each hero unit hit: 1s → 1.3s

Ultimate (nerfed):

- Now the cooldown starts upon casting or the end of charging. 

Conclusion: All of these rather small adjustments kinda nerfed Esmeralda, more specifically her ultimate. It's not a major deal-breaker, but it is something to keep in mind whenever taking part in team fights.  


Skill 1 (nerfed):

- Max moving distanced reduced by 14%.

Skill 2 (nerfed):

- Unable to block the Battle Spell - Flicker

Conclusion: These two nerfs are mostly situational. If you use Skill 1 at a certain time, the moving distance will not matter that much. However, the nerf on Skill 2 might set a few drawbacks for Khufra mains, who will have to adapt to these changes.  


Ultimate (nerfed):

- Shield and HP Regen Boost: 30-50% → 20-30%

Skill 1 (nerfed):

- Removed the reduction of targets' Physical Attack and Magic Power. 

Conclusion: These two nerfs will make Uranus less tanky, so if you're fighting against him, you might be at an advantage. If you're playing Uranus, it should affect his ability to all-in and survive. So, he needs to be played slightly safer. 

Luo Yi 

Skill 1 (adjusted):

- Skill width and casting speed increased by 100%
- Mana cost: 60-100 → 50-90
- Base damage: 230-430 → 210-410

Ultimate (buffed):

- Cooldown Reduction provided by this skill: 2-10% → 6-10%

Conclusion: These adjustments should make Luo Yi a better unit because her ultimate will greatly reduce the skill CDR. With Skill 1's mana cost reduced, and base damage also reduced slightly, she will be able to cast it more often, despite it dealing slightly less damage than before. 


Skill 2 (nerfed):

- Extra damage of enhanced Basic Attack: 1-4% → 1-2.5% (of the target's Max HP)

Ultimate (buffed):

- Damage Reduction: 30% → 30-40%

Conclusion: Her damage to tanks and other enemies with a high HP has been decreased, but her durability in mid and late-game has been greatly increased. 


Skill 1 (buffed):

- Base damage of Enhanced Basic Attack: 150-400 → 200-450

Conclusion: These small buffs will make Aldous more viable in the early stages of the game. 


Skill 2 (buffed):

- Cooldown: 7-5.5 → 5

Ultimate (buffed):

- Slow Effect: 30-40% → 40-50%

Conclusion: These two buffs make Terizla better for mid to late-game, and improve their damage and chasing capabilities. 


Basic Attack (buffed):

- Total Physical Attack Bonus: 30-41% (scales with level) → 35-46% (scales with level)

Skill 1 (buffed):

- Total Magic Power Bonus: 40-50% → 45-55%

Conclusion: Kimmy's kit has been improved as well, and these changes can be seen all throughout the game, from the early stages all the way into the late-game. 


Ultimate (nerfed): 

- Physical Attack Bonus: 50% → 40%

Conclusion: It's pretty easy to tell that this ultimate nerf will affect the overall damage. 

Yi Sun-Shin

Ultimate (nerfed):

- Cooldown: 60s → 80-60s

Conclusion:  These changes to the ultimate will make it more difficult to apply so much pressure on the enemies in the early stages of the game, but keep Yi equally strong in the late-game stages. 


Skill 2 (nerfed):

- Removed the slow effect.

Conclusion: With the slow completely removed, Cecilion will keep being fairly strong, but will not offer so much crowd control, thus making his slightly less pressuring in the early game.


Mobile Legends: Rotation of free heroes, new skins, skin discounts

- Yu Zhong's "Biohazard" skin will be available as the December Starlight Skin on December 1st.

- Rafaela's "Flower Fairy" skin has been revamped and will have a 30% discount from November 24th until November 30th.

- Tigreal's "Dark Guardian" skin has been revamped.

- Premium skin fragment shop will feature Dark Guardian Tigreal, Enchanting Witch Pharsa.

- Rare skin fragment shop will feature Clockwork Maid Nana, Ash Blossom Lunox, Deep Sea Rescuer Cyclops, Bio Frontier Kimmy, Captain Thorns Miya, Shanghai Maiden Angela

- Hero fragment shop will feature: Rafaela, Karrie, Franco, Yu Zhong, Jawhead, Claude

- Free Heroes rotation (20th November - 27th November) will feature: Valir, Popol and Kupa, Franco, Pharsa, Cyclops, Wanwan, Granger, Belerick

- Free Heroes rotation (27th November - 4th December) will feature: Kagura, Lesley, Aurora, Karrie, Jawhead, Baxia, Selena, Esmeralda

- Free Heroes rotation (4th December - 11th December) will feature: Harley, Popol and Kupa, Hanzo, Yu Zhong, Lylia, Esmeralda, Hanabi, Dyrroth

- Free Heroes rotation (11th December - 18th December) will feature: Vexana, Jawhead, Zhask, Irithel, Claude, Martis, Minsitthar, Cecilion

Mobile Legends: New functions and events

Blazing West Event [Nov 28th - Dec 12th]

- Log in to the game on November 28th to claim free Starlight Points.
- Log in to the game on December 5th to claim a limited special avatar border for free.
- Log in to the game on December 12th to claim a mysterious new hero for free.

2020 Lucky Star Event [Nov 28th - Dec 11th]

- Log in to the game and get free chances to dig. 
- Starting December 12th, you can use the dig chances to earn permanent heroes and skins. 

Thanksgiving Gift [Nov 26th - Dec 2nd]

- During the event period take part in battles and share the event to claim Turkeys.
- When you or all players have collected a certain number of Turkeys, you can claim specific rewards.