Raise ferrets on your phone with Mo-Pets

Plus cats, dogs, monkeys... but we're most excited about the ferrets

Raise ferrets on your phone with Mo-Pets
| Mo-Pets

Floodgate Entertainment and Sony BMG Music have teamed up for a new game called Mo-Pets, which as you might guess from the name is another virtual pet sim.

But it's got some unique features. Namely ferrets. Yes, you're not just restricted to dogs in this game. You can own and train up cats, monkeys and ferrets too. It sounds like they can't believe it either.

"We weren't sure if we could make a game where the player would fall in love with a virtual ferret," says Floodgate's Paul Neurath. "I actually think we pulled it off."

We're resisting the obvious jokes here. And believe us, it's tough.

Whatever pet you choose, you'll be able to feed it, teach it tricks, take it through mini-games, and enter it into talent shows against other Mo-Pets owners, presumably via your phone's network connection.

Rival games publishers, consider this your wake-up call. We're not interested in any more dog games. If you can't beat ferrets, you might as well not bother.