MIXMSTR, the rhythm action DJ game, will soon receive tracks from Defected, Dirtybird, and Glasgow Underground

Become a world-class DJ

MIXMSTR, the rhythm action DJ game, will soon receive tracks from Defected, Dirtybird, and Glasgow Underground
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Youth Control Games' rhythm action title MIXMSTR launched several weeks back for iOS and Android. Since then, it's been downloaded close to 400,000 times, earned itself very positive user reviews, and received some fresh content and improvements.

Now, the developer has announced that Defected, Dirtybird, and Glasgow Underground will be the first music labels to make selected tracks available in-game. If you missed it at launch, MIXMSTR could perhaps be described as a "DJ simulator". You'll start your career performing in small pubs before amassing new fans and eventually playing the world's most prestigious clubs.

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Gameplay mixes rhythm action challenges and strategic music selection to great effect. Your goal is to fill the dancefloor, winning as much fame and money as possible in the process. You can then use your cash to expand your record collection, but what's most important is that you continue to hone your skills as a world-class DJ.

By the sound of it, Youth Control Games is really looking to make MIXMSTR the authentic DJ experience for mobile, with CEO Timo Juuti saying, "we have plans to bring in more music and more clubland names which players will recognise, and to deliver new ways to engage with them within the game as the MIXMSTR world evolves."

Part of that evolution will be a more extensive avatar customisation system, as well as branded club nights.

While authenticity is key to the experience, MIXMSTR is also pretty good fun for those without extensive knowledge of music labels or the DJ lifestyle. You'll find it available for download now from both the App Store and Google Play for free.

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