MiniSquadron: Special Edition swoops onto Android Market

On sale for a limited time

MiniSquadron: Special Edition swoops onto Android Market

We love MiniSquadron. The way Supermono’s 2D arena shooter lets you swoop around in a biplane, ack-ack-acking, made it one of our ten favourite Android games of 2010.

Now the psychedelic Special Edition has been released for Android, courtesy of Gray Fin Studios, and we get the chance to make like the Red Baron all over again.

It’s the same basic game as the original, but with a decidedly more trippy art style and some weird and wonderful new enemies. As well as the expected colourful array of enemy planes to shoot down, you’ll have 'Jellyfish, Vampires, Hamsters and Penguins' to contend with.

Even cooler is the introduction of helicopters, which should make for an entirely new approach – particularly in the game’s one vs one local wi-fi multiplayer mode.

It might seem like Android users are getting a raw deal at first glance. After all, the iPhone version is free, while this new Android version is going for 63p / 99c.

However, the iPhone version requires in-app payments totalling £1.77 / $2.97 to unlock all of the levels, so you’re actually getting a bit of a bargain.

Be quick, though – the cut-price deal will only last until 17th January.

Jon Mundy
Jon Mundy
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