Mini Motorways latest Challenger City update adds new cities, missions, and leaderboards

Mini Motorways latest Challenger City update adds new cities, missions, and leaderboards

Winter has come to the city road map designing game Mini Motorways. Dinosaur Polo Club has recently launched its Challenger City update that will add new maps, missions, leaderboards, accessibility options, and more to the minimalistic strategy simulator. A Nintendo Switch version is also on the works, which will feature this new update at launch.

Fan favourite cities can now be redesigned with this update thanks to the addition of new handcrafted, mind-boggling challenges made uniquely for each city’s map. The Challenger City update takes you around the world with the inclusion of new cities like Wellington, New Zealand, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and more. Master all the specific trial rounds to ensure that the city is running at peak efficiency.

Describing the update, Community Manager at Dinosaur Polo Club, Casey Lucas-Quaid said: “Mini Motorways has become our pride and joy thanks to the overwhelming support and interactions we’ve received from the community. The Challenge City Update adds a new dimension that casual gamers and puzzle fanatics alike can enjoy day in and day out.”

The new histogram-styled leaderboard will let players know whether they need to pull up their socks or need to keep a cool head and slow down on building roads. The board will allow players to compare their efficacy stats with other community members.

Celebrate Christmas on Mini Motorways by clicking photos using the seasonal holiday photo frames. Show the world the hard work that goes into building roads from the ground up. Additionally, the update will introduce new settings for colourblind drivers, permitting them to choose road colours that will help maximise visibility. With this, improved controller support has also been added.

Mini Motorways is also celebrating as the game breached the 500,000 downloads milestone and was also awarded accolades at the New Zealand’s Game Awards. Start designing new roads by downloading the Mini Motorways Challenger City update for free on Apple Arcade.

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