Pinball is 75 Years Old

And Nokia celebrates with news of Mile High Pinball for the N-Gage

Pinball is 75 Years Old
| Mile High Pinball

The fact that mankind has been pinging silver ball bearings around for three quarters of a century is quite something, especially when you consider that the pastime is as relevant now as it ever has been. Consider the wealth of virtual pinball games available to gamers on PC, console, handheld and mobile phone.

The first pinball machine, ‘Baffle Ball’, was invented by David Gottlieb in 1930. For only a penny, early pinball aficionados could shoot seven balls into scoring holes. The game was so popular that it inspired a home version sequel called ‘Baffle Ball Senior’ in 1932 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Turning to the future, though, and Mile High Pinball is scheduled for release this autumn on the N-Gage and features over 80 stages. Mini-bosses, multiplayer challenges and power-ups all play part of the action, and you can even design your own table an upload it to the N-Gage Arena so that other gamers can download it.