MIDORI is a Japanese lacquerware-inspired puzzler coming to iOS on July 1st

MIDORI is a Japanese lacquerware-inspired puzzler coming to iOS on July 1st

Indie games studio Topicbird has announced the upcoming launch of MIDORI, a gorgeous puzzler that takes inspiration from Japanese lacquerware. Coming to iOS devices on July 1st, the game is a sequel to the award-winning SHI•RO, and lets players follow the tale of priest Yoshida as he tries to restore hope across Kyoto.

In MIDORI, players can expect to experience lovely hand-drawn artwork embellished with realistic digital elements. It boasts breathtaking Japanese lacquerware aesthetics along with new puzzle mechanics that offer players the chance to work with the surfaces of a lacquer box.

"Amaterasu-omikami, goddess of the sun, will you come to visit Kyoto? Whispered Yoshida to the wind." Additionally, players can also call upon the kami-sama and appeal to the forest gods to visit Kyoto, Japan. "He felt in his heart that Amaterasu would indeed come and bowed his head in gratitude."

Animal messengers will also offer their assistance along the way (you can even learn Japanese words from them) as you tilt your device to watch the reflections shift on the material gold.

"The modest wooden structures of the Ise Jingu shrine are torn down and rebuilt every 20 years," says a line from the game's narrative. "Ephemeral yet eternal, they persist through time."

If you're eager to know more about MIDORI and are curious about giving it a go, you can download the game on the iOS App Store on July 1st. You can also head over to the game's official Twitter page to join the community of followers and stay updated on all the latest developments, or visit the website for more info.

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Catherine Dellosa
Catherine Dellosa
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